The story of

Monsieur Gin

Monsieur Gin was born in France, more precisely in Charente to an English father and a French mother with Belgian and Dutch origins- a rich cultural heritage.

An only son, he spent his childhood between London and Paris as his parents traveled a lot. This was a family of pharmacists so the discovery of medicinal plants was a passion handed down through the generations.


At home, the evening cup of verbena is a tradition with all the family members creating their own special recipe. Monsieur Gin, passionate though he is to learn about these treasures, is not yet ready to take over the family business.

Determined, he loves nature and is concerned about the environment having learned a lot about respecting the land and preserving flowers and plants.

Moreover, Monsieur Gin is a connoisseur of cars, from the oldest to the most modern and likes the control and the adrenaline that comes with the speed when he competes in races.


He has also played rugby since his early childhood and is a fly-half on the pitch (10) but his best position is in front of the big screen in the pub with his team, even if his heart is torn between the French cockerel and the English Rose.

Besides that, he has a healthy lifestyle and eat good, organic food. He loves to cook and share his creations with his friends, especially sweet treats. He has a big character and a quirky sense of humour which reflects his British origins but remains respectful of tradition.

Monsieur Gin spends a lot of time with his friends in cocktail bars, trendy places or at home with a good meal. For him, the important thing is to be in good company.

Open and very sociable, he likes to meet new people and share moments filled with surprises. As often as he can gives into the travel bug that he has had since his childhood. He loves discovering the world and integrating with different cultures.
Despite his serious and traditional persona, Monsieur Gin is funny, friendly and cool!


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